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Exclusive Partnerships


Chris Yeh & Reid Hoffman


Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies


Dr. Tyler VanderWeele

The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University

Insights from groundbreaking research on human flourishing to help guide WiseGrowth’s network member, senior team and employee development efforts.

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Thinker's 50

Global network of subject matter experts

Back2Better webinars feature the world’s leading business minds from the Thinkers50 community, as well as T50’s Radar Thinkers to Watch.


Dr. Anna Tavis

Academic Advisor

Connects the network to the latest “pracademic” (practical academic) research and thought leadership related to the future of HR, work and organizations at New York University.

Unique Tools


ENgage App

Enterprise Platform

Members will utilize a proprietary networking and knowledge sharing app called ENgage from Executive Networks. WiseGrowth members can utilize this app to engage with their cohort members and access Executive Networks extensive library of thought leadership content


YOU Flerish App

Employee Tool

WiseGrowth members will receive an unlimited use license for the YOU Flerish app, which helps employees measure how well they’re “flourishing” and develop action plans to improve their flourishing measure over time. Flerish has partnered with The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University to integrate their research, framework, assessment and action planning process into the YOU Flerish app.  


Exclusive Webinar Series

50 Webinars in 50 Weeks – is a catalyst for deep exploration and insights into the future of organizations, leadership, work and the workplace and workers, led by the top business and management “Thinkers50” thought-leaders in the world.